Costa Almeria arrest for sexual abuse of children through online ‘grooming’

PROTECTING CHILDREN: Specialised Guardia officers give talks in schools on the risks associated with the internet CREDIT: Guardia Civil Almeria

ALMERA Guardia Civil have arrested a 23-year old man from Pechina suspected of trying to get under-age youngsters to send him explicit images of themselves.

He faces charges of sexual abuse and the corruption of minors for ‘grooming’ children online.

The Almeria investigation followed a report from an under-age victim in Torrejon de Ardoz in Madrid. They said an adult had established contacts with them through a well-known social media site and engaged in conversations of a sexual nature to try and get sexual content photos.


The Guardia investigation established he contacted victims via the internet with the aim of gaining their trust and building an emotional connection in order to sexually abuse them. It also emerged he had a record for similar activities.

When officers searched his home they seized a large amount of computer equipment which investigators are still analysing.

The Guardia Civil has since 2007 worked closely with the education sector under a Secretary of State for Security initiative aimed at protecting the safety of minors. As part of the initiative specialised officers give talks in schools, especially regarding risks associated with the internet.

The aim, the Guardia said, is to prevent youngsters from being victims of online crimes, as well as to reject violence, to avoid contact with alcohol and drugs, and in short to avoid getting into situations which threaten their safety.


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