Fake job scam netted ID details for fraudulent loans in Spain

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A MAN allegedly conned people into giving him their identity card details throuigh fake job offers then using them to fraudulently take out €20,000 worth of loans. 

Agents of the National Police have arrested a 44-year-old Spanish man in Murcia for alleged crimes of usurpation of civil status, false documentation and fraud. 

The investigation began with a complaint from one of the victims who told police that someone had usurped his identity and taken out various loans. He only found out when he was told his details had been put on a blacklist for defaulting on loans. 


Police say that the detainee, after attracting the attention of people with offers of low-skilled jobs that he published on a website, then asked them to send a scanned image of their ID card or copy of their social security number 

He then went to phone shops buying several SIM cards using the stolen details, the numbers of which he used to process loan applications. 

The detainee, using the identity documents he collected from his victims, had allegedly usurped their identity by applying for credits in the amount of between €300 and €3,000, which he received in accounts at various banking institutions, this time in his own name. 

The amount of money defrauded from the victims amounts to more than €20,000. 

The investigation was carried out by the group of Judicial Police of the District Police Station of San Andrés who managed to follow the trail of the alleged fraudster. 



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