Drugs clan dismantled in Murcia

MARIHUANA: HOUSE was turned into a drugs plantation. 

NINE people have been arrested accused of being part of a family clan that cultivated, sold and distributed marihuana in Cartagena, Murcia (Spain).

The detainees had allegedly set up a network of drug-trafficking flats in the city that forced the National Police to conduct a total of 16 house searches to seize the drugs they were storing. 

The arrested people all belonged to the same family clan and allegedly carried out their criminal activity from the neighbourhoods of Lo Campano and Santa Lucia. 


The alleged traffickers had set up as many as 11 marihuana plantations at different addresses in the Cartagena, say National Police. 

In addition to seizing almost 1,000 plants and 440 kilos of drugs, 473 high consumption growing lamps were confiscated. 

In addition, 81 grams of cocaine, 54 air conditioners, 100 fans, two precision scales, two carbon filters, €4,762 in cash and 150 firearm cartridges of different calibres were also found. 

The network had set up a drugs outlet in one of the houses used by the alleged traffickers in the Lo Campano neighbourhood where users would buy narcotics. 

Such was the magnitude of the network, that in order to supply the 11 plantations with material, they had set up a home that they used exclusively to store tools and materials related to drug trafficking and cultivation. 

The police operation, within the framework of the fight against drug trafficking, was carried out on December 18 from the National Police Station in Cartagena, and in addition to its Judicial Police Brigade, members of the Prevention and Reaction Units of Cartagena and the Superior Headquarters of Murcia and agents of the Special Unit of Canine Guides participated in it.  


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