Costa del Sol News: A song for Alzheimer’s

Showing incredible support: Costa del Sol performer Nathan Dean. Photo Credit: EWN

DUE TO family circumstances over the past year popular Costa del Sol singer and performer Nathan Dean has become familiar with Dementia and how it can affect both the sufferers and their families. There’s currently no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, just medication that can temporarily reduce the symptoms and so sufferers need daily care to exercise their minds and bodies to delay eventualities.

Speaking to EWN Nathan told of how In a search for information about the illness he discovered that several major artists have produced songs about the condition. He found one particular song highly emotive “While He Still Knows Who I Am” by Kenny Chesney, so much so that he has decided to put the track to use and raise funds for a supporting charity. He set about finding someone to reproduce the track and as luck would have it chatting with another Costa Del Sol artist, Sean Murray, at a gig one night Nathan talked about his intentions and was amazed to find that not only did Sean have the original artists managers number, but he offered to clear it with the manager for me to reproduce the track.

Whilst searching for a reputable charity that he could support he visited the AFA (Asociacion de Familiares de Enfermos de Alzheimer y Otras Demencias) in Fuengirola. A centre dedicated to supporting sufferers with every type of facility needed to keep both mind and body exercised. He met patients at the centre who described how beneficial the support they receive there is to them.

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The track has now been beautifully reproduced, and an agreement has been signed with the AFA Director, Rocío Segovia Lebron.

Every time Nathan sing this song at one of his many gigs he will place a five Euro note in a collection box at the base of my microphone stand – and audience members will be welcome to join him in donating.

He will begin performing the track at gigs in January which will visit four and five-star venue hotels and restaurants including the Sunborn Gibraltar.

In this way instead of doing an annual gig to raise funds, he hopes to raise funds all year round.



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