Celebrity News: Merit award for tennis ace

Received the Silver Cross: Collaboration with the Civil GuardCREDIT: Twitter

 IT HAS been a busy time for tennis player Rafa Nadal recently not only has he won a record fifth Mubadala World Tennis Championship after a three hour and 12 minute epic against Stefanos Tsitsipas in last weeks final but he also added one more prize to his extensive list of awards, although, on this occasion, it had little to do with tennis. He ​​received the Silver Cross on the merit of the Civil Guard thanks to his collaboration with their project to promote the National Interuniversity League of Challenges in Cyberspace.

Nadal recently stated that emerging talents like Daniil Medvedev and Stefanos Tsitsipas could go for Grand Slam glory in the coming year. Whilst he will be facing the brutal reality of ending his career soon and questions about his retirement date have cropped up regularly in recent times, but it doesn’t appear to be anything the Mallorcan can shed any light on just yet. Talking about how long will he continue to play, he said: “I do not know. It cannot be foreseen. I see myself playing until the head gives me to be able to maintain the passion for what I do. It is also true that I think it’s easier for the head to maintain the illusion if the body responds to you.”







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