100 health staff work round the clock in multiple transplant operations in Spain

PSSOAMY on Panoramio
Virgen de la Arrixaca hospital.

MORE than 100 people worked round the clock to successfully complete the transplant protocol after a multi-organ extraction was performed in the Arrixaca Hospital in Murcia on Spain’s Costa Calida. 

“Transplants do not stop any day of the year and when there are donors who die and generous families donate, the device is put to work,” explained the regional coordinator of Transplants, Pablo Ramirez, in statements to Onda Regional. 

Ramírez detailed that between Sunday and Monday a multi-organ extraction was carried out, which overlapped with the arrival of organs from other communities as well. A total of seven transplants were performed, two of liver, two of kidney, two of cornea and one of heart. 


“We received a liver from outside for a patient we had here. And the lungs from the multi-organ donor went to another hospital for a patient who needed it urgently,” he said. 

Given the urgency of these interventions, the participation of dozens of people is essential, since, for example, when hospital centres in other cities are involved, the transport has to be by air. That is why during the early hours of Sunday to Monday, the airport of Corvera participated in the logistics of the exchange of organs, as confirmed Ramírez. 

Ramírez added that the Region of Murcia continues to be one of the most supportive communities in Spain when it comes to transplants. So much so that the regional transplant coordinator has announced that the annual balance, which has yet to be closed, shows an increase of around 10 per cent in organ donations. 

Although there is no rule, unfortunately on certain dates fatal traffic accidents increase, and with them organ donations. Last year, on Christmas Eve, the Arrixaca broke its record for transplants by performing eight operations from three multiple donors. That night, more than 100 people worked on the device, giving up their family commitments to save eight lives. 



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