COSTA ALMERIA NEWS: Two arrests for growing marijuana in Almeria city home

CULTIVATION: The property was set up to create the ideal conditions for growing marijuana. CREDIT: Policia Nacional Almeria

A COUPLE are under arrest after police found more than 270 marijuana plants growing in a property in Almeria city.

A search of two locations in the Chanca neighbourhood also resulted in the seizure of marijuana buds prepared for sale and distribution and the discovery of an unauthorised connection to the electricity supply.

Police began investigations into a possible marijuana production and sales set-up in August on the back of information there was an illegal indoor plantation in the area. Surveillance and the smell of the drug coming out of the property confirmed suspicions.


When officers went in they found the property was set up to create ideal conditions of temperature and humidity for marijuana cultivation, with lamps, air filters and extractors.

The pair of detainees, identified as 27-year old J.S.R. and 23-year old Y.F.M, face charges for drug trafficking and for defrauding the power supply.


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