Visiting the elderly in Gibraltar

Minister Balban views the grotto Credit: HM Government of Gibraltar

WITH a very large population of elderly people, many in the 90s and even over 100, there has been for some years a need for supervised care and this is mainly undertaken at Mount Alvernia old people’s home.

Recently there have been other, smaller homes opened due to the increasing numbers who need some assistance but Mount Alvernia remains the largest and most populous of the residences.

The Minister for Health and Care, Paul Balban, has officially opened the Christmas grotto at the home which is an annual favourite, enjoyed by residents, families and friends alike and it is the culmination of a year’s work carried out by the residents during their daily sessions with the Activities Team.


These activities promote physical skills many of which have been newly-acquired in older age and which are greatly therapeutic to the residents of Mount Alvernia.



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