Minor building works to be speeded up: Euro Weekly News Spain

Fuengirola Mayor Ana Mula announced the changes Credit Ayuntamiento de Fuengirola

IF you are thinking of having any building work done to your private residence or business property then if you live within the Fuengirola Municipality it might now be just that bit easier to get started.

A unanimous decision was made to scrap the need to obtain a formal building licence if the work is to cost €30,000 or less before vat and instead you can simply submit a statement online detailing the work (and proving agreement from any third party who might be affected by the work).

The reasons for this decision are threefold, firstly it will make life easier for someone who wants to have work done, secondly it will cut down queues in the planning office and thirdly, by speeding up the process, it will help building companies by increasing the availability of work.


This could be of great benefit to businesses that want to make some changes to their establishments and will no longer have to suffer long bureaucratic delays, provided that there is no change of use.

There will still be a number of formalities to be completed online, but the bulk of the documentation will be completed by the builder rather than the householder.

This should all be approved by Malaga Province within the next 30 days.



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