WATCH: Over-the-top reaction to parking fine in Spain

EXTREME: The driver vented his anger on his own car. CREDIT: CPU Policias Unidos Twitter @CPU_Police

IT all started as a simple parking fine. But judging by the driver’s over-the-top reaction to the penalty for parking where he shouldn’t have in Valencia city in Spain, the episode turned into quite a drama.

The Spanish driver appeared along with his brother just after a police traffic officer issued the ticket. He asked the officer several times to think again, but when they refused his behaviour became increasingly extreme.


The officer decided to ask the motorist for the car documents. That’s when it emerged the vehicle had not been MOTed. And while the individual claimed he was the car owner, the names of the papers reportedly did not correspond to his.

A passer-by’s video posted on social media shows the driver kicking the car interior, breaking the radio. Then much to the astonishment of onlookers and the by now several police officers who had arrived to back up their colleague, he began on the headlights and bodywork, even pulling some parts clean off the vehicle.

The brother had initially tried to calm the angry man down, but then he started threatening people who has stopped to watch, shouting at them to go away and insulting the police. In the end he too vented his anger on the by now somewhat battered car.

The Comunidad de Policias Unidos in Spain posted the video on Twitter with the comment, “Surreal intervention which our Valencia Police colleagues had to experience. For just a traffic issue he destroyed his own vehicle in front of the stunned view of those present.”


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