Spain news: Attracting Tourism in Axarquia

Measures to gain visitors: Aimed at China and Russia.CREDIT:

AXARQUIA still looks to continue gaining visitors in an increasingly globalized and competitive tourism market. Therefore, from the Association for the Promotion of the Eastern Region (APTA), in which public institutions and the business sector are represented, they have set the challenge of expanding their horizons by having a presence in tourist fairs in Russia and China. Also, they are working to attend the next edition of the Moscow Mitt, “an important meeting point for the industry and a very good opportunity to establish contacts.”

Along these lines, the aim has been to work towards the future in the possibility of “bringing our destination closer to the Chinese market”, they added after the last APTA Board of Directors meeting which also addressed various issues related to the start of next year.  In this sense, APTA has again processed the documentation to maintain the declaration of these itineraries with the distinction of National Tourist Interest in Andalucia. 


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