Processionaries preparing to march in Javea, Costa Blanca

Caption: FAMILIAR SIGHT: Now seen on cedars too. Photo credit: Pixabay

PROCESSIONARY caterpillars will start preparing to leave their nests between late January and the end of February Javea.

This will depend largely on the climate since low temperatures and rain do not favour their development, explained entomologist Sylvia Hellingman to an interviewer in the local Spanish media.

At present they are in the third larval stage and beginning to develop the minute irritating hairs which can cause symptoms ranging from a mild, itching rash to severe allergic reactions.


The insect specialist also maintained that she has detected processionaries in cedars and other similar trees. The expert recommended cutting down branches containing caterpillar nests which can then be put inside a plastic bag although she said that this was best carried out by an expert.

It was also possible to buy traps that should be attached to trees before January 15, Hellingman said, although she pointed out that processionary caterpillars also had natural predators. These include birds like the tits that are native to Javea as well as ants, wasps and some types of flies.


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