Mallorca News Top Story: Meaningful support for the homeless in Mallorca

STAY AT HOME: Not an option for Spain's 40,000 homeless people.

IN response to the growing number of homeless people in Mallorca, Spain, the Consell de Mallorca have announced a special initiative to support those living on the streets.

In collaboration with the Hogar Sí Foundation and the Provivienda Association, rooms will be made available in a shared housing programme which will offer a warm and comfortable place to sleep for 80 people from the most disadvantaged group in society. 

To be included in the project, certain requirements must be met, which includes being homeless for at least a year or being considered as particularly vulnerable, such as those suffering from a mental health disorder or addictions to drugs or alcohol.


The Council will also dedicate a specially trained advisor to offer first-line support to those living on the streets. Inspired by a project borne in New York to tackle the pressing problem of homelessness in the city, the council worker will build relationships and provide meaningful information to help individuals get back on their feet, where there is expected to be a 95% success rate.

Belén Matesanz, the President of Metges del Món, a charity dedicated to helping homeless people in the Balearic Islands, has praised the new initiatives which she believes will offer realistic solutions to those without a home.

According to statistics, this year there are an estimated 650 people living on the streets in Mallorca, a sharp increase from the 209 reported cases in 2014. The new projects therefore hope to alleviate the plight of many homeless people without income or hope on the island.


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