Guardia Civil agent in Spain let family and friends off fines


THE sergeant commander of Benahavis’s Guardia Civil post has been convicted of ‘illegally’ letting family and friends off fines and withdrawing complaints against them.

He was denounced in 2010 by the Unified Association of Guardia Civil (AUGC) of Malaga, which also filed a complaint against other Guardia officers who did not want to prosecute the sergeant for covering up for people close to him who had reports made against them.

The AUGC has criticised the fact that “inexplicably” the Guardia Civil has kept the sergeant in place as commander of the Benahavís post since the judicial process began.


This, they say, was intimidating for witnesses. Now that the sergeant has been found guilty of malfeasance, the AUGC hopes proceedings against other officers will go ahead.



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