Exhibition of licenced movie figures: Euro Weekly News Spain

Some models can cost a fortune Credit: Lisa Brettschneider flickr

THERE will be an unusual exhibition in Benahavis Village in the council offices which is dedicated to figures associated with different types of movies.

It runs until January 7 and will be an interesting place to visit for any film buff, especially younger ones who are on holiday and are getting bored.

There is a huge market in licensed memorabilia from films, especially those associated with Horror, Science Fiction and Super Heroes, so expect to see R2D2 and other Star Wars favourites as well as a selection of X Men, Marvel Heroes, Superman, Spiderman and members of the Fantastic 4.


There will also be some more gruesome exhibits such as Frankenstein, Scarface, Regan from The Exorcist and some unexpected such as Cornelius from Planet of the Apes and Igor from Young Frankenstein.

This is a whole world of the imagination and a true representation of the history of modern movies with special appearances from a Gremlin or two, Terminator and even Nosferatu.


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