Costa del Sol News: Spanish bouncers arrested in Malaga after breaking a client’s cheekbone

PICTURED: The street in Malaga centre where the incident took place

Two bouncers at a cocktail bar in Malaga city have been arrested for breaking a customer’s cheekbone. National Police detained the two men for their alleged involvement in an assault that caused serious injuries to a client’s face.

According to police sources, the bouncers were still working when they were arrested hours after the incident. The assault took place in a bar on Méndez Núñez street. Sources explain that a brawl broke out between two groups of clients and employees intervened.

According to the complainants, a man was attacked by the bouncers, who caused significant facial injuries. An ambulance took the man to the closest hospital, where he was diagnosed with a cheekbone fracture.


The victim’s companions, who also suffered minor injuries during the altercation, put in a formal complaint at the National Police station.


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