Costa del Sol News: Remodelling link for Las Lagunas

CREDIT: Wikiviajes

THE COUNCIL of Mijas has approved the modification of the General Urban Planning Plan to carry out a future remodelling of the access link to Las Lagunas from the Mediterranean Highway A-7. This operation will involve an investment of €763,000. “With this procedure, we started the actions to expand the entrance at the point that overlooks the Camino Viejo de Coín and that brings together a large flow of vehicles every day. We are going to execute new branches that relieve traffic in the area where there are very busy commercial and residential areas”.

Thus, the modifications are made on a popular road link in the town that joins the A-7 in its access to the A-7053 and Las Lagunas as well as the neighbouring municipality of Fuengirola, where regulation is necessary in order to guarantee the road safety of the link.


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