Axarquia News: Malaga City Air traffic

A record year for Malaga-Costa del Sol airport CREDIT: Shutterstock

MALAGA-Costa del Sol airport plans to operate 5675 flights with 919,052 seats available from December 20, until January 7. The days with the highest air traffic during Christmas in Malaga will be on Sundays December 22 and January 5, in which this infrastructure plans to manage 357 and 353 flights, respectively.

The airlines will offer the largest volume of seats in connections with Malaga on Sunday, January 5, with 57.548; on Sunday, December 29, with 57,390; on Sunday, December 22, with 57,234 seats and on Saturday, January 4, with 56,437.

As in previous years, December 25 will be one of the days with the lowest air traffic at Malaga airport, with 152 flights and 22,362 seats.


In the last days of 2019, traffic will range between 224 flights and 36,323 seats on December 31 and 351 journeys and 57,390 seats on Sunday 29.

At the beginning of 2020, the busiest day will be recorded on January 5, with 353 landings and takeoffs and 57,548 seats, and the day with less traffic will be on Tuesday 7, with 241 operations and 38,064 seats offered. The airport has maintained an upward trend in the number of travelers during 2019.



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