Another police force replaces vehicles: Euro Weekly News Spain

Showing off the first of the new vehicles Credit: Ayuntamiento de Marbella

MARBELLA Council has budgeted to spend €350,000 in renewing the Local Police fleet during 2020, and will obtain a mix of electric and hybrid vehicles to show its commitment to the environment

This is part of an ongoing plan to make the local force more efficient and to make the city even safer for residents and visitors.

In 2020, the council will replace 26 of its older vehicles and the first investment will pay for the leasing rather than purchase of 10 new vehicles as this is considered to be more economically prudent especially in terms of insurance and maintenance.


They will also purchase 10 new motorbikes for the force and will be adding new vehicles for the civilian units as the year progresses.

In addition to the recently opened new control room, recruitment is taking place now for 11 additional officers and then a further 33 will be appointed later in the year.

The head of the Local Police has confirmed that as the total fleet consists of 45 vehicles, most of which only travel within the boundaries of the city, the replacements will be mainly hybrids which will operate efficiently within the city.


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