Police in Spain arrest Swedish fugitive for murder and money laundering

Swedish fugitive was arrested in Spain.

 A MAN wanted by Sweden for murder, criminal organisation and money laundering has been arrested in Barcelona, Spain.

The first of the crimes he is associated with occurred in March 2017, when two people killed a third person in the Swedish city of Malmö, shooting him several times in the head and body. The arrested man has also been connected to a shooting a year later. 

Several people shot the intended victim, who survived, but a companion was not so lucky and died in the incident. 


For the two murders and one attempted, he faces a life sentence, reviewable after he has served 20 years. 

In addition, he is linked to a scam that took place on October 30, 2017, when a company transferred, induced by a hoax, the amount of SEK 6,562,910 (€629,000) to the bank account of another Swedish company. The next day, the fugitive received SEK 500,000 (€48,000) from the money that the second company had received on its account in a Dubai bank. For these acts he faces a six-year prison sentence 

Spain’s National Police initially traced him to Madrid, where he had lived under a false identity, but he had moved on. 

Working closely with Swedish police, Spanish law enforcement tracked him down to Barcelona. 

He was arrested by heavily armed police in a military-style operation. 


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