COSTA BLANCA NEWS: Illegal immigrants forgery ring busted in Alicante

Fake documents gang arrested. CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons

Agents of the National Police have arrested 18 people in Alicante on Spain’s Costa Blanca and dismantled an organisation that faked documents for illegal immigrants to obtain a residence permit in Spain. 

The first investigations began when the Aliens Office in Alicante detected an application for residence presented by the exceptional circumstance of social roots and in which the documentation provided raised the suspicions of the officials. 

In the course of the investigation, it was found that in 24 of the files pending processing, the documents required to prove that the applicant had become well-established had been forged. 


The fraudulent documents were mainly the collective registration papers, the individual census certificates, as well as several rental contracts. 

The Documentary Copy Section of the Scientific Police Brigade of Alicante confirmed that on the documents the date of the applicants registration on the Census and Statistics Office had been backdated by several years, in order to accredit residence in Spain, for at least three years.  

The agents managed to identify the alleged forgers, two citizens who charged between €3,000 and €8,000 for providing false documentation, which was delivered to the Foreigners’ Offices along with the applications for residence. 

Once identified, police arrested the alleged forgers, who were also charged with an offence against the rights of foreign citizens. 

Subsequently, 16 people were arrested who had made use of these documents to try to process their residence, being charged with a crime of false documentation of the facts. 

National Police have reported that the investigation is still open and further arrests have not been ruled out. 

The investigation, which has lasted several months, was carried out by agents of Group III of the Unit Against Immigration Networks and Documentary Falseness of the Provincial Brigade of Aliens and Borders of the Alicante Police Station. 



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