COSTA ALMERIA NEWS: Hyper realist artistic homage to farmers

EXTRAORDINARY: The works featuring products of vital importance to the Adra economy look like photos. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Adra

AN EXHIBITION of hyper realist paintings paying homage to farmers is on show at Adra’s Centro Cultural.

The ‘Mis manos. Mi vida’ (My hands. My life) collection of works by Manuel Higueras, a Malaga artist widely considered one of the best working in the hyper realist genre in Spain, is being exhibited at the Adra venue thanks to an Almeria city art gallery.

The paintings are described as a reflection of the artist’s desire to show “the strength and sacrifice of agricultural sector workers as a source of inspiration and admiration.”


Each of the six works features hands holding products which are vitally important for Adra’s agricultural industry, including tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.

Commenting on his visit to the exhibition, Adra Mayor Manuel Cortes said he was surprised by the paintings.

“They could be photographs”, he remarked.

The collection was on show at the major Fruit Attraction fruit and vegetable trade fair in Madrid in October. The paintings have as well been exhibited abroad, including in Berlin, Mexico and Miami.

Also being exhibited at the Centro Cultural are four of artist Epifanio Serrna’s paintings of Adra landmarks, among them the port and the Town Hall.

The Mis Manos. Mi Vida exhibition in Adra runs until January 10.


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