Suspected Costa Almeria burglars detained in Roquetas de Mar

INVESTIGATION: The Guardia were able to place the suspects at the crime scenes. CREDIT: Guardia Civil Almeria

GUARDIA Civil have arrested two suspected burglars in Roquetas de Mar in an operation launched in response to a series of reported robberies in the area.

One of the detainees, 43-year old M.R.L., was charged in connection with five house break-ins. The other, 39-year old J.V.D.B.E., is believed responsible for two thefts from properties and a further two robberies.

The Guardia said the crimes committed between the end of October and the beginning of November ranged from stealing items from a garage and taking a bag containing cash and documentation from inside a vehicle, to robbing mobile phones and all the electronic goods from five homes.  


Thorough inspections, seeking out possible witnesses and the use of different means of technology all contributed to the identification of the suspects and being able to place them at the crime scenes.

The pair had on them some of the stolen item stolen when they were arrested.


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