Motocross rider killed in Murcia accident

Boy of 3 killed on pedestrian crossing
The child died in the ambulance

A 20-year-old motorcyclist died ltoday (December 19) after suffering an accident at a motocross circuit in Los Balcones, in the municipality of Totana (Spain), according to the Emergency Coordination Centre. 
A call to the ‘1-1-2’ Region of Murcia warned of the accident, indicating that the motorcyclist had left the circuit and was conscious but had difficulty breathing. 

The Mazarrón Local Police went to the scene of the accident, indicating that the circuit and a Mobile Emergency Unit from the Management of Emergency and Healthcare Emergencies 061.  

But by the time they got there the victim had stopped breathing. The EMU doctor reported that resuscitation manoeuvres were not successful and the 20-year-old motorcyclist had died. 




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