Costa Blanca News: Upcoming agreement hopes to attract aeronautics to Alicante

DEVELOPMENT: Alicante hopes to boost the technological sector CREDIT: Distrito digital Comunitat Valenciana

An upcoming agreement with a Finnish University will attract aeronautical companies to Alicante. The imminent arrangement between the Generalitat and the Finnish University of Aalto will lead to the arrival of companies associated with European aeronautics to Alicante’s Digital District.

The announcement was made by the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, as he gave a Christmas toast with journalists from Alicante. He explained that the agreement would be signed in mere days, with the expected incorporation of companies associated with the European Space Agency.

Puig described the Digital District as a reality as opposed to what many predicted would remain an idea, and anticipated that 2020 would mean the district’s ultimate consolidation. He highlighted that 62 businesses are already operational, not just start-ups but also consolidated companies and he added that a further 19 companies will soon set up in the district.


Ximo Puig recalled that before the implementation of the new technological district, Ciudad de la Luz was at risk of being abandoned. In addition, he revealed that the Generalitat would resume negotiations with the EU in the hopes that the filmsets of Ciudad de la Luz could host some type of audiovisual production in 2020.


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