COSTA BLANCA NEWS: Dolores policeman hailed a hero after dramatic balcony rescue

COMMENDATION: Four Local Police officers from Bereta will be recognised for saving a life. CREDIT: Shutterstock (file pic)

A LOCAL POLICEMAN has been hailed a hero after he rescued an ill man from a balcony. 

Officers had received a call for help from a man in Dolores who said he had mobility problems, was having difficulty breathing and was stuck on his balcony.  

A patrol of Local Police quickly arrived and called for firefighters and an ambulance. But one officer decided the situation was too serious to wait for help and jumped from a neighbouring balcony in order to reach the man. 


He then put him on his back and carried him down to the street, where he was attended to by medics when they arrived then taken to the Dolores medical centre for treatment. 

Now local Spanish press have congratulated the ofiicer for his actions, which they say were heroic. 





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