COSTA BLANCA NEWS: 100 evacuated as blaze destroys Alicante warehouse

100 were evacuated from neighbouring buildings in Alicante. Credit: Bomberos de Alicante

MORE than 100 people had to be evacuated when a fire broke out in a warehouse in Alicante. 

The blaze took hold in an industrial unit where electrical appliances were repaired and air conditioning services offered. 

People from neighbouring units and a nearby gym had to leave the site for their own safety as the unit was gutted by the flames. 


No one was hurt in yesterday’s (December 18) incident. It took two hours to bring the fire under control during which firefighters concentrated on preventing it spreading to next door buildings, and it was three hours before it was extinguished. 

The emergency services were alerted of the fire shortly before six o’clock in the afternoon. No one was in the affected building at the time the fire broke out. 

Thirty firefighters, six specialist rescue workers and Local Police attended the scene. 

The fire was difficult to extinguish due to the highly flammable material in the refrigerators and appliances that were burning. This caused the structure to be destroyed and there was a danger of collapse, according to the fire service. 

The cause of the fire is unknown. 




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