Costa Almeria police uncover marijuana consignment stashed among veggies

FIND: Police found vacuum packed marijuana buds in the back of the truck. CREDIT: Policia Nacional Almeria

A 47-YEAR old Albanese lorry driver is under arrest after police found 200 kilos of vacuum packed marijuana buds in the back of his truck.

Police said the packages, which had different labels, were concealed among courgettes and cucumbers he was transporting in the Polish registration refrigerated vehicle to elsewhere in Europe.

Well aware that criminal organisations from different European countries turn to Murcia and eastern Andalucia to acquire consignments of marijuana and its byproducts, police decided to investigate the articulated lorry after observing it making a series of what seemed unusual manoeuvres in an industrial estate in Huercal de Almeria.


Officers noticed stashed behind vegetables 15 cardboard boxes of a different size to the rest, in which they discovered the drugs.


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