Costa del Sol: The downside of Malaga’s Christmas lighting

DARK SIDE: The stunning lights are causing trouble for shop owners

As with every great celebration, Christmas in Malaga also has one small downside. The Christmas lighting in the city centre attracts millions of visitors who are overjoyed with the spectacle and the festive atmosphere. And while hoteliers are delighted with the massive influx of visitors, other sectors aren’t so happy.

Hotels and restaurants haven’t hidden the fact that they have been making record-breaking profits. However, other sectors agree that visitors go to the historic centre with the intention of having a good time and forget the shopping aspect.

Shops are feeling the consequences and have even demanded that the Town Hall helps them recover their lost sales. Shop owners have confirmed that their sales are very poor, at a time when profits should be at an all-time high. They insist that shoppers prefer to go to a shopping centre, especially to avoid the crowds and parking problems that have arisen in the centre.


Another detrimental factor is that Christmas lighting isn’t equal throughout the streets, causing some areas to be deserted. One shop owner explained that Malaga deserved to be busy and thriving, but insisted that local shops could not survive with the historic centre completely blocked.



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