Costa del Sol News: Worker killed in Marbella after being hit by a drilling machine

The 40-year-old man died in a tunnel on the AP-7 in Marbella

A DRILLING machine kills a construction worker in a tunnel in Marbella. The 40-year-old worker died at dawn on Wednesday, as he worked on the reparation of a tunnel on the AP-7 motorway that passes through Marbella.

Emergency services received a call at 1am notifying them that a person had been hit by a drilling machine in the Nagüeles tunnel, on the kilometre 180 of the AP-7. The coordinating centre immediately notified the Guardia Civil, National Police and the ambulance.

Health professionals confirmed that upon arrival at the scene, the 40-year-old man was already deceased. The Occupational Hazards Prevention Centre has already been informed of the incident by the emergency coordinating centre.



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