Costa del Sol News: Treatment delay in Coin

A postponed service: The collector will be rebuilt in Spring.CREDIT:

THE BREAKAGE of the equipment that brings the water from Coin to the plant has postponed the start-up of this service, which was planned in April together with Pizarra and Alora

The treatment plant in the Guadalhorce will add the treatment of the waters of Coin to its activity in the coming months. Specifically, the municipality will be incorporated in spring 2020.

The plant began its activity in April this year with Alora and Pizarra as the first municipalities to use these facilities. A start in which Coin was planned had to be postponed due to the breakage of the collector that brings the water to the plant, which is located in the municipality of Pizarra, which meant the delay of up to one year of this service.


The planned date was announced at the first monitoring commission held in Pizarra last week in which the three municipalities and the Environment delegation of the Board were represented. Going forward the plans are that when the rainy season ends next year, the Coin collector will be rebuilt to service the sewage plant to the three municipalities. 


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