Costa del Sol News: Ghastly grub in Estepona schools

VOUCHERS: Children with full dining scholarship will be receive assistance. CREDIT: Shutterstock

ROTTEN fruit, bits of bone in the rice, worms in food, out of date bread, or excessively salty sauces are just some of the anomalies that parents of students from CEIP Ramón García in Estepona have detected in the dining room menu of this school.

After a collection of signatures and several complaints and reports to the Andalucian Public Education Agency, the parents have grouped together to carry out tastings of the menu for a month with the children’s complaints still on the increase “The worst was the egg tortillas, with a disgusting texture and a very bad taste,” says Estefanía Vaca, one of the affected mothers.

“We started the fight individually last year, when a bad quality puchero (rice soup) was served, it was cut from the menu, and there began our ordeal. The children began to complain and when they got home we had to feed them again because they were hungry,” said Vaca “Our perception of the menu was even worse than what the children told us. Salty and very watery sauces, meat and fish with a horrible smell and taste or rotten fruit.”


The Education department of the Junta de Andalucía confirmed that the central services of the Andalucian Public Education Agency are aware of these complaints “and are being studied to initiate the corresponding criminalization file.” 



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