Costa Blanca News: Marijuana plantation on fire in Alicante

Secret stash: Marijuana plants discovered CREDIT: Policia Local Alicante

THE DEPARTMENT of Security of the Ayuntamiento of Alicante reported that Emergency Services recently discovered a marijuana plantation on fire in a ship located in Camino de las Parras. Police were alerted by residents who had noticed that smoke was coming from inside.

According to fire sources, on arrival, they found that the ship’s access was closed with several dogs guarding outside. Police officers managed to locate a person to open the docked vessel so that the firefighters could intervene. However, when they entered they discovered around a thousand marijuana plants inside.

It has been verified that the fire was electric, with the source being an electrical panel that had an illegal connection to obtain electricity with which growing devices were connected.

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A 23-year-old man, who had opened the ship door was arrested accused of an alleged crime against the public health.



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