COSTA ALMERIA NEWS: Roquetas de Mar hit and run suspect under arrest

KEY: The local council said the rapid public response to a Local Police request to collaborate led to the identification of the vehicle believed to have been involved. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Roquetas de Mar Facebook @AytoRoquetas

ROQUETAS de Mar Local Police have arrested a 38-year old man suspected of running over a 62-year old man on Sunday evening in Calle Camino de los Depositos and making off.

The accident victim died from his injuries.

In a post today Wednesday on the Roquetas council Facebook page, Local Police identified the detainee as C.L.L from Vicar, and said he has no criminal record.


They also said the investigation remains open and that they are currently establishing exactly what happened.

In the same post Roquetas local authority thanked the public for their collaboration, saying it had been “key” in leading to the detention.

The council said the rapid response to the Local Police’s notice on social media calling on members of the public to help had resulted in the identification of the vehicle believed to have been involved in the accident in mechanic’s workshop in a neighbouring municipality.


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