Costa Almeria construction tool thief collared in El Ejido

Flagstones will have to be changed again

A 35-YEAR man suspected of stealing thousands of euros worth of building tools in the El Ejido area is under arrest.

A Guardia Civil operation dubbed ‘Takima’ resulted in the detention of M.E.A. for breaking into two homes under construction after the workers on the sites had gone home for the day.

The thief had forced open works huts and containers to steal items which he then sold to private individuals or to businesses selling second-hand goods.


Working on the assumption that the robber would have tried to do just that to offload the booty, the Guardia investigations led to the identification of a tool matching the description of one which had been stolen being advertised on an El Ejido shop website.

It emerged that the same person had flogged the items stolen from the building sites, and from a vehicle, to the shop on different days and at different times.

Serial numbers provided by the owners who reported the thefts confirmed where the items had come from.

The Guardia Civil has managed to recover a large number of the stolen goods, which together are worth some €15,000.

As well robbery charges the 35-year also faces charges for fraud for scamming the shop owner.


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