New web app to help bring festive joy to less fortunate children in Spain

CHRISTMAS SPIRIT: Children are being encouraged to donate toys they no longer use.

GIVEN the large number of children who will be without a gift this Christmas, an innovative web application has been created to help spread festive joy.

In collaboration with more than 50 charities, foundations and NGOs from all over Spain, the new Solidarity Letter to the Magi aims to give youngsters the opportunity to helping other less fortunate children to have a gift this Christmas by donating toys they no longer use.

The Letter to the Magi Solidaria application is very simple. Once you have written the letter to the Three Wise Men and completed the solidarity section with the used toys you wish to donate, you will receive a personalised thank you letter addressed to your son, daughter or grandchild from the Magi. 


A spokesperson said: “We take care internally to contact the charity closest to your location so that they directly manage the collection-delivery of the toys you have donated.”

It is very important that the toys have all their pieces, that they work correctly, that they are clean and if they are games with small pieces, that they are delivered in boxes as far as possible. 

The spokesperson added: “There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that a child is going to be very happy with a toy of ours, just to imagine that smile is worth donating toys. It is now during Christmas when the Charitable Associations turn to campaigns to collect used toys to help the Magi distribute them among the most disadvantaged children. If it is not this way thousands of children will be left without playing and remember that the game is one of the fundamental rights of children.”

You can help out by visiting the application at:


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