COSTA DEL SOL NEWS: 5 arrested in ‘joints for a euro’ drugs case in Malaga

mallorca news scam
Credit: A. Sepulveda.

FIVE people have been arrested for allegedly selling joints of marihuana to students and youths for €1 each. 

National Police in Malaga on Spain’s Costa del Sol shut down two drug outlets after starting an investigation in November over reports of a property in the La Corta district being used to sell drugs, including cocaine and marihuana, from. 

Surveillance showed that there was a high movement of people around one of the houses under investigation, which led them to a second which was used for drying marihuana despite a young child living there. 


According to the police investigations, several of those detained specialised in selling joints for a euro. 

The houses were also illegally hooked to the public electricity network, so the detainees have been arrested for defrauding electricity, in addition to crimes against public health, resistance and assault on authority. 

Police seized 690 grammes of hashish, and about 30 joints ready to sell. 



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