Axarquia News: Los Alamos consultation service

Golden Visas: Spain has issued a whopping 35,400 residence permits since 2013.CREDIT: Shutterstock

THE IMMIGRATION Department of The Intercultural Centre of Los Alamos will offer a consultation service beginning on Friday, December 20, from 9 am to 12 noon. Information and advice will be offered to those who are interested in managing and updating documentation (pensions, retirement, widowhood, etc.) and those who want to look for work in countries of the European Union. This information and advice service is carried out on the third Friday of each month at the Los Alamos Intercultural Centre, located on Calle Galicia, Edificio Versailles, Bajo 1, and is aimed at all those returning to the country after emigrating. Appointment requests can be made by calling the headquarters on 958135333 and any further information by contacting the Department of Immigration on  958833013 or 958833197.


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