Adra keeps up the struggle against gender-based violence on the Costa Almeria

PLEDGE: Adra council is committed to working for the elimination of this social scourge”, the Mayor said. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Adra

THE struggle against gender-based violence continues in Adra.

This week the council held a meeting of the monitoring and coordination committee for the protection of gender violence victims in order that all the administrations and law enforcement agencies involved could analyse the strategy taken so far and look at how to advance.

Adra Mayor Manuel Cortes presided over the meeting, which was attended by the head of the Government Sub-delegation in Almeria’s Violence Against Women Unit, Raquel Contreras, representatives of the Adra Local Police and Guardia Civil, Public Safety councillor Patricia Berenguel, Equality councillor Elisa Fernandez and Town Hall secretary Jose Maria Ceballos.


“This government team maintains its commitment to working for the elimination of this social scourge”, the Mayor stressed.

Cortes made it clear the local authority was making an effort to provide gender-violence victims with “all the protection and help possible”, while at the same time taking action to raise public awareness about the problem.

Everyone needs to do their bit to try and do away with gender-based violence, he said.

“We have to be active when it comes to reporting and informing the authorities of any sign of mistreatment”, Cortes warned, because “only then can all the protection mechanisms be activated.”

Adra is included in the agreement on the collaboration between the FAMP Andalucia Federation of Municipalities and Provinces and the Interior Ministry under which the Local Police and Guardia Civil coordinate the monitoring of restraining orders. The local authority also runs an information centre for local women.


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