Upping Costa Almeria sports club competitiveness

GOALS: The Diputacion want to promote sport take up and healthy lifestyles in Almeria, and promote the province throughout the country. CREDIT: Diputacion de Almeria

THE Diputacion de Almeria is aiming to up the competitiveness of provincial sports clubs with funding for entering national competitions and tournaments.

This is the second time the Almeria government has awarded subsides with this goal in mind. This time the €60,000 assistance is shared between the Roquetas handball club, Rugby Union Almeria, the Almeria basketball club, the Almería Grupo Volley 2008 club, the Mintonette volleyball club, and finally, the Uric Almeria handball club.

Speaking at the official presentation of the grants, Diputacion President Javier A. Garcia commented, “You take the name of Almeria throughout the country, and we owe it to you that the province shines at national level in sports like handball, volleyball, basketball and rugby.


“You encourage supporters, the practice of sport and the habits for a healthy lifestyle among Almerians, especially youngsters”, he added.

Garcia compared sporting values to those which represent Almeria, remarking, “The province is self-made with a lot of sacrifice, solidarity and comradeship between Almerians.”

He particularly emphasized his view that it is essential to instill these kinds of values in young people.

“Carry on working as you have up until now because in sport nobody gives away anything”, the Diputacion president told the club representatives, winding up by expressing the administration’s pride in them all.

The Diputacion said the funding was part of the administration’s commitment to promoting good health and taking up sport in all the province’s 103 municipalities and to exporting Almeria’s sporting talent beyond provincial borders, underlining the important role of the sports clubs in these objectives.


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