Crack down on Christmas in Benalmadena Costa del Sol

Christmas celebration Credit: Benalmadena Foreigners Department

THE Mayor of Benalmadena Victor Navas and Councillor for Security Javier Marín have announced that certain rules will be enforced in the municipality in the run up to Christmas and the New Year.

The Council wants to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy the festive season safely and securely and for this reason has banned the opening of bars on the streets, due to problems that have occurred in the past, especially in narrow streets where the crowds on revellers became an obstacle to easy access and were loud enough to upset residents.

Another decision, based on a local bylaw is that bars may not refuse entry for people needing to use toilets even if they are not customers.


Thirdly, everyone is reminded that fireworks should only be let off safely and never by anyone under the age of 16.

Many elderly people and children, as well as domestic pets are terrified by loud explosions, so everyone who is thinking of letting off fireworks should act responsibly with this in mind.

When announcing the measures, the mayor explained that Benalmadena is a welcoming and attractive municipality, not a street market where anything goes.

The council has arranged for organised markets and Christmas villages to be opened in different parts of the town and has made it look very attractive with lights and decorations on roundabouts with the intention of promoting Benalmadena as an attractive destination for families.

The pair also reminded owners of bars and restaurants planning to hold New Year’s Eve celebration that they must do so within the confines of existing regulations.


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