COSTA DEL SOL NEWS: Dramatic chase in Malaga as police speed after drugs trafficking biker


A MOTORCYCLIST who led police on a high speed chase scattered bags of hashish and cocaine onto the streets of Malaga on Spain’s Costa del Sol. 

He was fleeing from Local Police through the Carranque area who had spotted him behaving suspiciously in Calle Virgen del Rocío. A uniformed patrol had seen a car with four occupants come to a stop. As the motorcycle approached one of the occupants reached into his pocket but then they saw the police. 

The motorcyclist sped off and police gave chase. He drove so dangerously that pedestrians on a crossing had to jump out of his way, and at times he took both hands off the handlebars as he threw away packages that later turned out to be drugs. 


He then sped through red lights and once more scattered narcotics in his wake. But he took a risk too many, eventually losing control of his bike and crashing to the ground, with the following police car narrowly missing him. 

The police located several of the bags that the man had thrown away, but the uproar made the search difficult. The motorcyclist was arrested for an alleged crime against public health for drug trafficking and another against road safety for reckless driving. The police also accused him of a third crime of resistance and disobedience to an agent of authority. 




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