COSTA BLANCA NEWS: deadline set for Vega Baja reconstruction plans to be drawn up

© Generalitat Valenciana
XIMO PUIG: Valencia's Regional President has ordered mass closure of businesses.

THE Valencia Generalitat has set itself a deadline of nine months to come up with a comprehensive plan to rebuild the Vega Baja after the September storms on Spain’s Costa Blanca.

While millions has already been spent on emergency work to repair damage, the regional government has decided it must put in place infrastructure to help prevent similar devastating floods from taking place in the future. 

It also wants to boost the Vega Baja with a kind of mini-Marshall Plan that not only helps reconstruct the area but will also propel it into a more prosperous future. 


President of the Valencian region, Ximo Puig says that the deadline for planning is nine months after which concrete action must be taken. 




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