Provincial funding for Costa Almeria social associations

COMMITMENT: The provincial government praised the social and cultural collectives for their dedication to the social well-being of Almerians. CREDIT: Diputacion de Almeria website

ASSOCIATIONS across Almeria have benefitted from a fourth block of provincial government funding for social and cultural collectives.

A total of € 117,500 has gone to 19 business, culture and social projects this time, and

€275,000 funds to 55 projects in all this year.


Among the latest projects to benefit from the Diputacion de Almeria financial assistance were support for children with Asperger’s, campaigns to raise awareness about organ donation, help for families at risk, international cooperation and cultural and sporting activities.

The provincial administration said the funding reflects its “commitment” to “the social well-being of Almerians through the development of the projects and initiatives of associations which are dedicated in their everyday work to culture, sport and to those most in need.

Speaking at the formal presentation of the financial contributions, Diputacion president Javier A. Garcia told the representatives of the recipient bodies, “your dedication and involvement is fundamental for carrying out social and culture projects which otherwise would not happen.

“You reach where the administrations don’t and your work is unpaid, hence any help we can offer from this institution is a small thing.”

Garcia also thanked them for their “commitment to society, making dreams, wishes and projects a reality for many people”, describing them as “the reflection of a grateful and caring society, as Almeria is.”


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