Costa del Sol News: Protecting Marbella’s history

Council officials visit the Basilica Credit: Ayuntamiento de Marbella

MARBELLA Council has announced that it has allocated €170,000 to be used to improve the facilities and condition of a number of historic archaeological within the municipality.

Part of the money (budgeted at €50,000) will be used to create what it refers to as an Interpretation Centre covering the Roman remains uncovered in the city subject to approval from the Heritage Department of the Junta de Andalucia.

This initiative will concentrate on the Rio Verde Roman Villa the Baths of the Vaults of Guadalmina and the Paleo Christian Basilica.


The balance will be spent on maintenance and guided tours of Basilica and the Roman Baths with the expenditure spread over a three year period and this should allow the areas to be open more regularly to both visitors and archaeologists.

Some work has already been done in cleaning and clearing at the Basilica site as well as erecting six information panels.


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