COSTA BLANCA NEWS: Terrifying ordeal for Denia couple when armed robbers break into their home

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A YOUNG couple had a terrifying ordeal after armed robbers got into their home in Denia in the early hours of Thursday morning with the plan of breaking through into the next door tobacconist’s.

The six gang members, who were carrying shotguns and clubs and were all wearing plastic masks to hide their faces, threatened the pair, then tied them up.

According to Spanish media the thieves beat the man to get him to tell them where they kept their money. They also reportedly tried and failed several times to bore a hole through a wall into the shop.


Eventually they gave up and stole jewellery, cash, mobiles and the couple’s top-of-the-range vehicle, which a number of the thieves made off in. The rest made their getaway in the van they had stolen earlier on in a municipality close to Alicante.

As soon as the coast was clear the victims contacted the National Police, who launched a search for the robbers.

According to Spanish press, police spotted the group in the van, who subsequently dumped the vehicle and fled through orange groves. Officers found three of the shotguns used in the attack on the Denia home in the vehicle.

The police investigation is ongoing.


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