Alfaz says Yes You Can on Costa Blanca

EXHIBITION: Photographs illustrate volunteer groups’ work Photo credit: Alfaz town hall

ALFAZ celebrated International Volunteer Day with the Yes You Can exhibition at the Casa de Cultura. This consists of photographs illustrating the work that local groups, associations and non-government organisations carry out in the municipality. Opening the exhibition, Alfaz mayor Vicente ArAques praised the volunteers’ disinterested and altruistic contribution to local life. Their efforts and dedication wereone-off interventions on some occasions while on others they were ongoing and constant, Arques pointed out. The Red Cross, Estrellas de Colores (Coloured Stars), the Alfaz Social Volunteers’ group, Frigillig Sentral Costa Blanca Nord, Aborigen View and the Jose Marti Cuba Friendship Association all particpatedin the exhibition which was combined with a competition organised by the town hall’s Volunteers and Cooperation department. Isabel Muñoz, explained that the competition was her department’s way of thanking the volunteers and at the same time drawing attention to the succcesses that they can achieve. Each group presented a selection of photographs capturing the work they carry out. The winning entries, which will be announced today Thursday, December 20, have been chosen by visitors to the exhibition who voted for their favourite photographs


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