Violinist with a vision returns to the Costa Blanca

Ara Malikian creates Christmas carol for Madrid
ARA MALIKIAN: Has created an original piece for Madrid Credit: Ara Malikian

THE maverick Spanish/Lebanese violinist Ara Malikian is still travelling from one country to another but returns to the Costa Blanca to play his hugely popular yet culturally diverse blend of music as part of his Royal Garage World Tour.

This tour is all about the violinist’s relationship with garages which started in Beirut when he was just aged 10, shortly after the outbreak of civil war when his father put together an impromptu band as they tried to play the music of the Rolling Stones.

Since then he has travelled the world and his show includes influences from all of the places that he has visited with an underlying theme of early punk with the so called ‘garage bands’.


He will be playing the Grand Theatre in Elche for two nights, February 28 and 29 (it is a leap year) at the Grand Theatre with tickets costing from €35 to €38 so see why musicians such as Sting have chosen to play with him as his musical tastes range from Classical to Flamenco through to Rock and Punk.


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