British tribute Letz Zeppelin performing in Murcia Costa Blanca

The band on stage Credit: Letz Zeppelin

AT one time it was easy to just turn up and see your favourite band but nowadays things are much more structured and tickets are on sale (and often sold out) months ahead.

On February 8, Letz Zeppelin, (considered by many to be the greatest tribute band that the UK has seen) will be appearing at the REM Room in Murcia City.

They are on yet another European tour which sees them perform in six Spanish cities and following this they are off to Germany, the USA and back to the UK.


In an interview with Robert Plant who had just been to see them, he is quoted as saying ”I walked in, I saw me” and went on to say that not only does singer look like him but his performance is very similar whilst Jimmy Page has also admired the band.

Tickets cost €20 online and are available now.


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