There may be an increase in minimum wage if left wing governs Spain

Pablo Iglesias and Pedro Sánchez discuss future plans Credit: La Moncloa flickr

NOW that the question of who will preside over Britain for the next five years is answered, all local eyes turn to Spain and the assumption that Pedro Sánchez of PSOE and Pablo Iglesias of Podemos will be most likely to form a coalition government.

If this is the case, then the two leaders have been in negotiation with regards to increasing the minimum wage in Spain from €900 to €1,000 per month as early as next year.

As should perhaps be expected, Podemos wants a quicker implementation than the PSOE which would prefer to confirm in principle but subject to the financial ability of the economy to withstand what could be quite a considerable burden on business.


Indeed in their election manifestos, both parties indicated a wish to see regular increases over the next four years in order to try to bring the minimum wage to the equivalent of 60 per cent of the countries average salary earnings and if Podemos get their way then by 2023, it should have increased to €1,200 per month.

In essence, both leaders are in favour of positive change, but differ mainly on how quickly it can be introduced and the eventual amount that can be increased during the theoretical life of the parliament.

Both are also in agreement that the State has an obligation to introduce legislation in order to ensure that the vulnerable in society are protected more thoroughly and there may even be new laws concerning employment contracts.


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